Krzysztof KarpLegal Advisor, the founder of the Law Firm. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He also graduated from postgraduate studies in European and Polish Company Law and postgraduate Studies in Management at Warsaw School of Economics. He was also awarded a diploma of Center for American Law Studies conducted by the University of Florida in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Administration. He completed his legal training and passed the legal advisor examination. In 2011, he was registered in the list of legal advisors kept by the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. He has experience in providing legal services to businesses and individuals. He gained his experience as an associate of reputable law firms, being a legal advisor of a large multinational corporation and as a legal advisor of public sector entity. He is the author of numerous publications in the field of law. The areas of his particular interests include civil law and civil procedure issues.

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Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor has a wealth of practical experience. From the beginning his interests were focused on civil law and economic law, which he constantly explored and applied in practice working for several reputable law firms in Warsaw. As a legal advisor of a public sector entity, he drafted and provided opinions on agreements of great value and strategic importance for projects related to widely understood computerisation of the state. This work required versatility, exceptional responsibility and understanding of not only the aspects of civil law, contract law or generally understood economic law, but also other areas of law, such as intellectual property law, new technology law and public procurement law. Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor provides legal services for a large company of international importance, employing on annual average more than one hundred employees and generating an annual turnover of several tens of millions of zlotys. Given the scale of and overlapping various legal systems in the company’s operations, this work also requires extensive knowledge and broad perception of legal issues submitted for analysis.

Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor has also extensive procedural experience. Civil procedure is his another field of specialisation. This experience is exhibited in a substantial number of court cases conducted before district courts, courts of higher instance and the Supreme Court. Also, this experience may be seen in innumerable pleadings and extra-procedural documents, including all types of statements of claim, appeals and cassation appeals.

Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor has practiced tennis for many years. He is a tennis instructor. He also trained young adepts of this sport. He was a member of the Polish Association of Tennis Teachers All of this, in a natural way, led to his interest in the field of sports law, the ins and outs of which he explores in addition to his main legal interests and expertise. He has conducted many trainings related to sports law topics. He teaches sports law to young athletes of the Veolia’s Sports Academy.

Moreover, Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor provide legal aid within the framework of nationwide system of free legal aid and legal education organised by the State. In addition to the opportunity to provide legal aid to the most deprived persons, who often cannot afford to pay for professional legal assistance, interaction with a vast number of cases related to various legal issues is also an invaluable resource for the professional development of a legal advisor.

In addition to the above, Krzysztof Karp Legal Advisor has participated in many other projects which were characterised by complex legal matters and required above-average commitment and also constituted an invaluable source of practical knowledge. The following may be provided as examples:

  • providing services for a large international company dealing e.g. in the management of Warsaw shopping centres,
  • providing services for a large international courier company,
  • providing services for a well-known and highly regarded sports foundation,
    causing high compensation being awarded to a client in connection with the sale to the client of a used car with a number of physical defects,
  • causing a favourable for the client distribution of matrimonial assets in a case with complex factual and legal status,
  • causing acquisitive prescription of property ownership rights to the client in a case involving several participants having different procedural expectations,
  • causing a favourable for the client decision being awarded in a case for donation cancellation with a complex factual status,
  • aiding a client with obtaining compensation for damages incurred in connection with an accident during practicing sport,
  • causing the client’s claims being paid in full through court and enforcement proceedings in a case where the debtor attempted with all available means to thwart effective enforcement against him,
  • causing liquidation of a limited liability company having a complicated legal and ownership status and the stringent provisions of the articles of association,
  • causing a favourable for the client being an employer decision being awarded in a case concerning the termination of employment contract with a person employed on a managerial position, finally resolved by the Supreme Court,
  • causing compensation being obtained by an employee unjustly dismissed by the employer without notice due to the fault of the employee,
  • causing a client being released from having to pay the price for the use of a replacement car during the repair of his own car, which has been damaged in an accident caused by another traffic participant,
  • causing compensation being awarded by the insurer for the client for a damage caused by fire on a farm.