First of all – care about the client

We care about our clients. We provide materially relevant answers to questions asked of us. We never leave our client with a sense that the task has not been resolved. We try to explain all doubts thoroughly.

We know exactly that each client is different – they have different needs and expectations. Decision to seek legal advice from a lawyer is also based on a variety of reasons. These may include matters purely personal or connected with strictly business affairs. Therefore, in addition to performing the legal profession, we are psychologists to a small extent as well. We try to understand client needs, their objectives and operating strategies. Given that, there is no place for general rules and established patterns. You need an individual approach to every client. We do not forget that only by acting this way we can have fruitful cooperation.

We are aware that the client who has received sufficient attention and engagement from us in dealing with his legal matter is an invaluable source of building the Law Firm’s brand. Even the best prepared promotion and advertising campaigns are of secondary importance. What counts is the engagement in working for the client, a sense of achievement of their mission and awareness of the fact that work for the client has been performed reliably and “lege artis”.

We only deal with the things we are good at

We do not take cases from areas of law for which we do not have sufficient practice and experience. We do not take cases which we will not be able to cope with in terms of staff and organization.

We are a law firm that acts

We do not lecture our clients on law. We just show them how to resolve their legal problems in practice. We treat tasks entrusted to us by our clients with full responsibility, maintaining the highest accuracy and quality of work.