Our Law Firm provides legal assistance, in particular within the following scope:

Civil Law


  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, both nominate and innominate, tailored to the client’s needs,
  • Drafting letters of intent, agreements, settlements,
  • Assistance in concluding commercial contracts,
  • Participation in negotiations with counterparties,
  • Conducting to the full extent cases arising out of the non-performance or improper performance of contracts.


  • Assistance in obtaining compensations for property damages and personal injuries,
  • Cases relating to compensation for harm suffered,
  • Cases relating to violations of personal rights.

Real Estate Ownership

  • Legal aid at the conclusion of real estate contracts,
  • Conducting cases related to acquisitive prescription,
  • Resolution of disputes between joint-owners of real estate,
  • Conducting cases related to elimination of joint ownership of real estate,
  • Conducting cases related to perpetual usufruct of real estate,
  • Contracts on the establishment of limited rights in rem – mortgages, usufruct, easement.

Succession Law

  • Conducting cases related to testate and intestate succession,
  • Conducting cases related to confirmation of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division,
  • Conducting cases related to legitim.

Debt Collection

  • Provision of comprehensive services in terms of debt collection, ranging from preliminary negotiations with the debtor, pursuing claims by way of litigation to bailiff enforcement proceedings.

Family Law

  • Conducting matrimonial matters concerning entry into marriage, matrimonial property regimes and the dissolution of marriage (divorce, separation, division of joint property after dissolution of marriage),
  • Conducting cases on relations between parents and children.

Labour Law

  • Drafting employment contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements, internal workplace rules and regulations, terms and conditions of remuneration and other internal company documents,
  • Advisory services on the establishment and termination of employment and collective redundancies,
  • Representation before the Court of both the employer and the employee in matters relating to the employment.

Corporate Law

  • Advisory services related to the selection of the optimal forms of conducting economic activity,
  • Advisory services related to the registration and liquidation of companies and partnerships,
  • Drafting agreements, articles of association and deeds of formation of companies and partnerships,
  • Registration in the National Court Register,
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits and concessions associated with economic activity conducted,
  • Providing day-to-day services to companies and partnerships, including providing services to their bodies – Management Board, Supervisory Board, General Meeting,
  • Drafting opinions, contracts and other documents related to the day-to-day operations of the company or partnership,
  • Representation before Court in any and all relationships between a company or partnership and third parties and between a company and shareholders or a partnership and partners.

Civil Procedure

The Law Firm puts particular focus on issues concerning civil procedure. Masterful steering through the intricacies of civil procedure is the key to the exercise of rights arising from the substantive law. You may be right in general, but a case may be lost due to procedural errors. Conversely, you may be on a losing position, but by skilful steering through the intricacies of the procedure the case may be brought to a successful end. This is why this field is of particular interest to us.

Law Firm’s services include in particular:

  • legal services provided to entrepreneurs and individuals on a regular or ad hoc basis,
  • drafting legal opinions, pleadings, contracts and other legal documents,
  • participation in negotiations and mediation,
  • client representation before common courts of law, administrative courts, courts of arbitration, public administration authorities and in enforcement proceedings.